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Assessment of work organization and planning competences using the time entry form

A series of competences have been defined for the undergraduate degree in informatics engineering that any graduate should have acquired upon completion. The competences with a focus on scheduling include:

To be able to train students to develop these competences, the university offers a specialized course on the Tune-Up platform. The course is "taught" in the Personal and Participatory Competences Classroom and is called "How to organize your time and make the most of your lectures".
To assess whether students taking this first course have achieved the required proficiency level in work organization and planning competences and continuous improvement, the Facultad de Informática's Quality Unit will analyse all the information that students are obliged to enter on the time entry form with the aim of assessing the following points:

To do this, students will use the on-line time entry form to submit a weekly report. Students should enter, for each subject and week, the total time scheduled for untutored activities (including scheduled activities in the categories of individual work, group work and others), as well as the time actually spent on each activity category listed on the form. Students will also enter the time spent on tutored and assessment activities.