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Term enrolment

There is an enrolment period every term (Spring and Autumn). All compulsory degree programme subjects are offered in both terms. This way students are able to schedule the subjects for which they enrol as best fits their examination attainment.

Enrolment Constraints

Before enrolling, students should note that the following constraints apply to the subjects that they can opt to enrol for:

Students that have completed at least two terms of the degree programme shall have their individual attainment index (AI) calculated.  The AI shall be used to determine the maximum number of subjects for which students shall be entitled to enrol per term.

The AI is calculated by dividing the number of credits earned by students in the last two terms by the total number of credits for which students enrolled in those two terms.

Before enrolling for their fifth term, students shall be obliged to meet with their academic tutor. Their academic tutor will give advice on which optional subjects they should enrol for in view of their career or training preferences. Students shall be obliged to submit the tutor's report upon enrolment.

In any case, we advise students to consult their academic tutor before enrolment for each term.

Spring term enrolment for subjects failed in the Autumn term

Students enrolling in the Spring term for a subject that they failed in the Autumn term shall be charged 25% less than the enrolment fee applicable to the aforesaid subject. Students shall pay only 75% of the enrolment fee.