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Master in Software and Systems


Software and software systems are of primary importance in modern-day society and are part of most everyday activities. The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Master in Software and Systems focuses on the key software and software systems technologies, covering a broad spectrum of issues related to current research in these two fields.

The main aim of the programme is to provide quality, methodical, highly specialized, research-driven training to meet the growing demand for well qualified human resources to boost  R&D&I capacity in today's world. We set out to train researchers qualified to tackle key theoretical and practical issues in the field of software and systems. Graduates will be professional researchers capable of working at the cutting edge of their field, further stretching the frontiers of knowledge through innovation and the production of key scientific findings, and qualified to organize research teams and start up, plan, manage and successfully complete research projects. We also place special emphasis on the activities of publicizing and disseminating research.

The Master in Software and Systems programme is divided into a total of six course units: Software Engineering, Analysis and Verification, Networked and Distributed Systems Services, Data and Information Analysis and Processing, Virtual Environments and Interaction, and Scientific Research and Advanced Topics. The seminars, which will deal with advanced topics related to software and systems development and research, will be taught by reputed guest lecturers. For this purpose, the programme will apply for Ministry of Education grants for guest lecturer mobility in higher education master's degree courses.

To qualify for their degree of Master in Software and Systems, students should earn 60 ECTS, of which 45 are for semester-long optional subjects and seminars (to be chosen from a total offer of 75 ECTS) and 15 are associated with the master's degree final project. The master's degree final project is a original piece of research on any of the fields covered by the master's programme. Students are expected to defend this project before a higher education examination board.

A total of 30 places are now on offer. Most subjects are taught in both Spanish and English.

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Master in Software and Systems is coordinated and taught mostly by lecturers from the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and Software Engineering (DLSIIS). The programme is part of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Facultad de Informática's postgraduate course offering. This master's programme benefits from all the DLSIIS' and Facultad de Informática's postgraduate teaching experience, as it is a Bologna-compliant adaptation of the former Research Master in Complex Software Systems Development Technologies.

The Master in Software and Systems is the taught period of the UPM's Doctoral Degree in Software and Systems, bearing a Ministry of Education Quality Mention distinction (MEE2011-0242) for the 2011/12 to 2013/14 academic years.

Prospective Students

The Master in Software and Systems targets holders of bachelor degrees in any field of informatics or similar, as well as degree holders working as practitioners in the informatics field.

To be able to follow the degree programme, students should be in possession of at least (minimum requirements) the following:

This master's degree is the natural continuation for students holding bachelor's  degrees in informatics engineering or other informatics-related higher education qualifications that want to receive sound training in software and systems with a research slant. As such, it is ideal for students that fit the above profile and intend to study for a doctoral degree.


Contact person

José Luis Fuertes Castro

91 336 74 11 (ext. 14) 



When is this master's degree taught?

The Master in Software and Systems is taught annually, starting in September and ending in the following July.

How much does this master's degree cost?

You can check public prices for 2013-2014 academic year here.


There is a wide range of grants available to students to fund their master's degree studies.


To gain admission to the Master in Software and Systems students must first register online