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Internships in companies and institutions

Senior undergraduate students from the Facultad de Informática take up professional placements to round out their training process.

Postgraduate students should also contact COLFI to complete their practicum (for master degrees whose curriculum provides for this option). COLFI provides students with information on placement conditions and available offers. Students shall be entitled to join the company under an employment or placement contract.


Students interested in entering into a placement contract with an employer should contact COLFI beforehand to check whether the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has an educational cooperation agreement with the company in question.

How to set up a Framework Agreement with the UPM

Employers will first have to register with the UPM software application designed for the purpose. Following the guidelines provided by the application, employers will enter a job/internship offer, for which interested Facultad de Informática students can apply.

The Agreement with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid shall not be able to processed until the employer has selected a student for a possible internship. After a student has been selected, the application will automatically generate the agreement.

The annex will be valid for one academic year. At the end of this period, the student annex would have to be renewed. The student has to have passed 50% of the degree credits to do this.


Internships in companies


Partner Companies

Over the last two years, the Facultad de Informática has signed partnership agreements with over five hundred companies for different purposes.

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