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Getting Started Project

The Getting Started Project combines the welcome to the School of Computing with guidance on key issues of university life and the assessment of horizontal competences.

On the first four days of class, undergraduate informatics engineering  and mathematics and informatics fresher students will complete a tutored project developing the horizontal competences of teamwork and oral communication skills. This educational activity is compulsory, as it will be evaluated for the acquisition of horizontal competences which are part of the degree course.

2010 Project

All fresher students shall assemble at the Assembly Hall (Building 1) on 19 October at 9 am. Students are not required to bring any special-purpose material, although they are advised to bring along a digital camera if they have one.

Team 1 Environmental problem-related software study
Team 2 The Monty Hall Problem
Team 3 In search of geometric proportions at the Facultad de Informática
Team 4 Facultad de Informática Tom-Tom
Team 5 Guided Tour of the Facultad de Informática
Team 6 Computer Suites
Team 7 Guided Tour of the Facultad de Informática
Team 8 Facultad de Informática Building Modelling
Team 9 Computer Suites
Team 10 Facultad e Informática Tom Tom
Team 11 Guided Tour of the Facultad de Informática

NOTE 1: The first-term lectures will start on 25 October.

NOTE 2: Students that do not turn up on day one (19 October) will not be able to join their project once it has started.