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Official Student Internships and Grants

This page summarizes each type of internship or grant for the purposes of comparison. For more detailed information on each internship or grant, click on the link.

Description: Internships for the provision of services to the higher education community (library, departments, student associations, etc.).
Application period: Around October every year.
Number of internships for the Facultad de Informática: 8.
Eligible applicants: Students of any academic year (although priority is given to senior students) that are not in paid employment or beneficiaries of any other internship or grant.
Award criteria: Suitability for the position, family income and academic record (none of the criteria take priority over the others).

Description: These are grants set up to partially pay for food for students from low-income families. They are co-funded by the Students' Guild and the Facultad de Informática and managed by the Facultad de Informática's Students' Guild. They consist of a three-day-a-week 50-percent discount on the cafeteria menu.
Application period: Around October every year.
Award criteria: Family income and full-day occupation at the Facultad de Informática (subject timetable, practical laboratory work, research laboratory placement, etc.) .

They aim to provide final-year university students with financial assistance to combine department internships with studies.

Travel exchanges are designed to provide mobility assistance to meet students' needs to round out their overall training with other learning in either higher education or other environments.

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