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Facultad de Informática Computer Centre General Use Policy

Computer Suite Access and Use Policy
Use of Computer Resources
Information on User Accounts

Entrance is restricted to students enrolled at or anyone with express authorization from the Facultad de Informática.

To gain admittance, Computer Centre users shall have to carry their Facultad de Informática card or the respective permit. They are obliged to show their card or permit if asked to do so by a member staff.

Computer suite use policy

Any breach of the above rules shall be grounds enough for all the user's accounts to be closed for a period of time set depending on how serious the infraction is. The user shall be denied physical and electronic access to Computer Centre facilities during this time. In the event of reiterated or extremely seriously infractions, users shall be disciplined as provided in the Academic Disciplinary Regulations.

Use of computer resources

Computers are reserved for use exclusively as support for completing practical assignments or to learn how to use different systems. Computer use is subject to the Code of Conduct for Computer Use.

In conjunction with Facultad de Informática departments, the Computer Centre shall schedule the distribution of computer resources depending on the timetable for course practical assignments. This schedule shall be regularly posted on the computer suite noticeboards and shall take priority.

Users shall report any faults or malfunctions they observe to the Computer Centre.

Computer Centre computer resources, particularly networks and external communications, shall not be used for purposes other than for which they are designed.

Commercial programs available at the Computer Centre may be used on licensed computers only. It is prohibited to make unauthorized copies of these programs.

Users shall be given an account to access the systems on which they can develop their practical assignments. These accounts are personal and non-transferable.

As users have sufficient mechanisms to make their accounts secure, they shall be held responsible for any undue use of them.

Any unauthorized access to a user account shall be reported to the Computer Centre by the victim.

It is strictly prohibited to use, with or without authorization, a user account other than your own.

The Computer Centre shall not take responsibility for harm caused to the user by third parties.

Printing media shall be used exclusively for practical assignments. Print-outs shall be supplied to users in the pigeonholes positioned at the side of the Computer Centre reception desk every hour.

Under special circumstances, the systems managers may provide  special-purpose rules designed to guarantee a better operation of the respective system.

It is prohibited for students to use any computer media to which they are given access for profit.

All users shall report any breach of these rules that comes to their notice to the Computer Centre.

Information on user accounts

All students will be supplied with a permanent, general-purpose account for as long as they are enrolled at the Facultad de Informática. Use of this account, or any practical assignment accounts, implies that you have read and accepted the Computer Centre Use Policy and accept full responsibility for your acts.

These accounts will be renewed annually. Accounts that are not renewed will be cancelled, and all the information they contain will be deleted.

The account number will start with a letter followed by the respective enrolment number. This user ID will be unchanged for as long as students are enrolled at the Facultad de Informática.

Apart from the general-purpose account, there will be other special-purpose accounts for specific practical assignments that will be opened on the computer systems specified at the time. These accounts will be automatically opened according to the information on the subjects for which students have enrolled stated on their application form. The user code will be the same as for the permanent account. They will be open for the respective academic year and will be cancelled at the end of the September examination session. Upon cancellation, all the information they contain will be deleted.

The password specified on your account application will be used initially for all user accounts; this password should be known to the account holder only. For greater security, we recommend that you change your password regularly, as set out in the Computer Centre recommendations.

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