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Canalobre Suite Use Policy


Use of this suite is restricted to fifth- and sixth-year undergraduate and master and doctorate students.

This suite has been designed for use by small groups of people (maximum 4) working on practical assignments, projects or research generally.

The suite will operate on the basis of personal reservations (by one of the team members). This person shall have to have endorsement, in the shape of a letter addressed to the Director of the Computer Centre, from the professor responsible for the assignment.

The use of the suite shall be subject at all times to the Computer Centre General Use Policy.


Suite reservations should be made at least five days in advance, unless software needs to be installed, in which case two weeks should be allowed.

Should you wish to make a reservation or if you have a query related to this suite, contact the Computer Centre (reservas@fi.upm.es).


A Windows operating environment has been defined for the PCs, and a TCP/IP and X emulation package has been installed as the base software.

As the tools you intend to use will be integrated into the Computer Centre's Windows network, they should preferably work on a Windows environment and network.

The software that you intend to use must be available to the Computer Centre. If the Computer Centre does not own the software, it should be supplied (manuals included) at least two weeks beforehand for proper installation and disk space planning.

In no case are users allowed to install any type of software on the computers.

In view of suite use, the Computer Centre accepts no responsibility for any information left on the computer magnetic media.

For any software-related queries, contact Máximo Lagunilla.

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