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Master in Informatics Engineering Subjects

Leadership and Management Module

Compulsory Subjects:

Program, Portfolio and Project Management

IT Governance and Management

Optional Subjects:

Introduction to Space Technology

Home Automation and Intelligent Buildings

Voice and Speech Processing

Remote Sensing and GIS Project Management

Biomedical Informatics

Computer Sciences for Environmental Simulation

Information Technologies Module

Systems Auditing and Software Quality Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: Systems Auditing and Certification

Optional Subjects:

Software Technical Documentation. Physical Auditing and Inspection
Foundations of IT Services Governance and Management
(ISO 20000 Foundation Certification Training)
Foundations of IT Security Governance and Management
(ISO 27001-2 Certification Training)

Computing for Engineers Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: Computing for Engineers

Optional Subjects:

Data Instrumentation and Acquisition
Computational Models for the Environment
Large Corporate Servers
Programming Paradigms

Knowledge-Based Systems and Services Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: Knowledge Management

Optional Subjects:

Data Mining Processes
Data Mining: Methods and Techniques
Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Datawarehousing: Methodologies and Technologies
Linguistic Engineering
Artificial Neural Networks

Internet Systems and Services Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: New-Generation Communications Services

Optional Subjects:

Corporate Information Retrieval Systems
Business Network Management and Security
Business Applications Architectures and Technologies

Interactive Systems and Services Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: Interactive Systems and Services

Optional Subjects:

Fractals, Dynamic Systems and Chaos
Surface Modelling
Mobile Computing
Voice-Mediated Human-Computer Interaction
Fuzzy Logic

Embedded, Ubiquitous and Mobile Systems Course Unit

Compulsory Subject: Embedded, Ubiquitous and Mobile Systems

Optional Subjects:

Data Instrumentation and Acquisition
Hardware-Software Codesign
Fault Tolerance
Real-Time Systems

Practical Assignment Module

Compulsory Subject: Practical Assignment

Final Master's Project Module

Compulsory Subject:  Final Master's Project

 *Subjects without a learning guide are taught in the second semester