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PhD in Software, Systems and Computing


The PhD in Software, Systems and Computing (DSSC) has its origin in the fusion of two official PhD programs, both awarded with a Ministry of Education Quality Mention distinction: PhD in Software and Systems and PhD in Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering.

This new program is adapted to the provisions of Royal Decree 99/2011.

The PhD program objectives are to:

Prospective students

This PhD program has a twofold orientation in its research lines: first, the scientific and technological development of computer systems and, second, the relationship and application of computer systems in solving problems in other sciences and engineerings.
This orientation allows to define a wide recommended income profile, being able to admit, on the one hand, students whose previous experience focuses on the study of information systems as an object in itself (Students of Computer Science and branches more related to computer systems and  Telecommunications and Mathematics systems) and, second, students whose previous field was in science and engineering research methods in which the use of advanced computer skills (data analysis, simulation, modeling of physical processes) is of great importance.

Students whose profile does not meet the previously exposed requirements shall be admitted to the PhD program if it is considered that, given their previous training, students are able to acquire a set of core competences in key areas needed to conduct original works on the program research lines (additional training).


This PhD program offers research training activities, not structured in ECTS credits, which will provide students specific and co-curricular training in relation to the different research lines in the program:

  1. Big Data Analytics and Optimization
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Advanced Computational Models and Algorithmics
  4. Formal Methods for Software Development and Verification
  5. Image and Signal Processing and Analysis
  6. Distributed Systems and Services and Cloud Computing
  7. Human-Computer Interaction
  8. Computational Mathematics
  9. Neuroinformatics

Contact person

Program coordinator: Consuelo Gonzalo Martín

Academic secretary: José Luís Fuertes Castro


How much does this PhD program cost?

You can check public prices for 2013-2014 academic year.


There is a wide range of grants available to students to fund their studies.


To gain admission to the PhD in Software, Systems and Computing, students must register online. (registration will open soon)