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Style guide

The aim of this guide is to assure that all the Facultad de Informática web site pages share a common format and explain the elements used to achieve a simple, clear, consistent, functional and pleasing look and feel.

Basic recommendations on creating or modifying content

Page structure


At the top left of the page are the Facultad de Informática and UPM logo image links and on the right a different image for each of the tier 1 sections in the main menu.

Main menu

The main menu contains the first two tiers of the contents tree. The selected menu subsections will pull down in a different colour.

Utilities menu

The utilities menu is a horizontal blue bar containing the most useful active links.

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail tells us where the content we are viewing is. All sections are active to improve navigation.



The footer contains the active icons linking to the standards to which the website conforms and the date on which it was last updated.

Common resources defined in the stylesheet

Page heading H1

Main headings H2

Section headings H3

Subsection headings H4



All table elements are defined in the stylesheet and no further attributes need to be defined (tr, th, td).

Basement First floor Second floor Third floor
Building II Maintenance Dept. AI Dept. Comp. Lang. Sys & SE
Building III Maintenance Dept. AI Dept. Comp. Lang. Sys & SE
Building IV Maintenance Dept. AI Dept. Comp. Lang. Sys & SE

Service or organizational unit contact information

Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Phone: + 34 91 336 66 07
Fax: + 34 91 336 74 12



Personal contact information

Dr. Ernestina Menasalvas Ruiz
(Associate Dean for Doctorate and Postgraduate Programmes)
Phone: +34 91 336 6447




Note that you should use a separator after any of these two classes or after images


Box to highlight notices

Notice: Students enrolled in doctorate courses that do not yet have their student's card should apply at the Registry.