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The European Parliament has approved the ERASMUS+ programme for the period of 2014-2020, which is in force since January 1st, 2014.

The new programme ERASMUS+ is part of Europe 2020, Education and Training 2020 and Rethinking Education Strategies and comprises the whole initiatives in education, training, youth and sport.

As regards of education, the programme comprises the whole educational levels: schoold, vocational education and training, higher education and adult education.

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ERASMUS+ programme will incorporate the programmes included in the LLP and the International Higher Educational Programmes such as Mundus, Tempus, ALFA, Edulink, Bilateral programmes and the programme Youth in Action.

This new program focuses on the formal and informal lerning, beyond EU borders, with a clear vocation for internationalization, opening up to third countries in order to improve educational and training capabilities of people for the employability of students, teachers and workers.

As the Erasmus program for higher education already did, the program provides partial studies abroad through exchanges, for minimum periods of three months and maximum of 12 months and shall take place at every level of education (undergraduate, master, doctorate ).

Students can only apply for an exchange programme with institutions that have signed bilateral agreements with the ETSIINF.

The European Union provides monthly student grants that are topped up by state or regional governments or universities. The exact amount offered every year is not known in advance. The student receives this amount directly through their university in two or three payments.

Students must pay the academic enrolment fees at their sending institution and are exempt from fees abroad.

Foreign universities usually offer accommodation in their halls of residence. For more information, contact the people responsible for the Erasmus programme at the university of your choice.

ETSIINF usually recognizes student academic activities abroad in accordance with learning agreements entered into before students leave.

A novelty that includes new program is the Online language Support, OLS acronym by which the student must perform mandatory testing online language at the beginning and end of the trade, and depending on the results of the initial test may receive language support during the exchange

Receiving universities:

Universities with Erasmus agreements 2015-16

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