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Admission, registration and enrolment

To be admitted to an official postgraduate level course, students must:

  1. Meet the general entry requirements for a postgraduate level course
  2. Meet the specific entry requirements for the chosen master course
  3. Register
  4. Enrol

1. General entry requirements for a postgraduate level course

Admission for degree holders

Anyone in possession of an official undergraduate degree, that is, a holder of any of the Spanish Ingeniero1, Licenciado1, Arquitecto1 or Ingeniero Técnico2, Arquitecto Técnico2 or Diplomado2 degrees can apply for a place on an official master’s degree course.

Admission for non-degree holders

Exceptionally, UPM students working towards second-cycle degrees are also eligible for admission. Non-degree holders should apply expressly to the Rector of the UPM and must have completed the entire undergraduate degree in informatics engineering, with the sole exception of the final-year project. In this case, students should submit a copy of their final-year project enrolment slip in place of their degree certificate to register.

Admission for non-Spanish degree holders

Holders of degrees issued abroad are eligible for admission to a master’s degree course provided they previously procure accreditation of their degree as being equivalent to a qualification entitling students to admission to the master’s degree course, that is, any of the above.

Prospective students may also be admitted without accreditation if, according to the university’s standards, their level of education can be considered as equivalent to an undergraduate degree and entitles students to admission to postgraduate level courses in the country of issuance. In this case, you are referred to the specific entry requirements for international students in the respective item of section 3 below.

In this latter case, the admission to an official master’s degree course does not imply any recognition or accreditation of the earlier degree whatsoever. Nevertheless, the degree awarded after the student has completed the master’s course will be official and fully valid.

2. Specific entry requirements for the master’s degree course

To be eligible for admission to any of the master’s courses offered by the Facultad de Informática, candidates must be in possession of an undergraduate degree in informatics engineering or similar, save for the Master in Computational Mathematics and the Research Master in Artificial Intelligence, where students holding degrees in mathematics, sciences, engineering or other disciplines related to the contents of the above masters shall also be eligible for admission.

The official Licenciado1 in Informatics Engineering, Ingeniero1 in Informatics Engineering, Ingeniero Técnico2 in Management Software or Ingeniero Técnico2 in Systems Software are considered similar degrees to an undergraduate degree in informatics engineering.

Any other degrees will be assessed for similarity to an undergraduate degree in informatics engineering depending on whether the respective courses cover the following units of knowledge of the ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula for Computer Science. They should cover at least five of the following areas of knowledge:

Prior learning should also cover at least two of the following areas of knowledge:

Prospective students will be selected for admission based on their prior (undergraduate or equivalent) programme of studies, grades, relative excellence (grade percentiles) and level of accreditation of the institution from which they graduated.

3. Register

Registration is the process of applying for admission to a master’s degree programme during which checks are run to assure that the applicant meets the above requirements. Prospective students can either apply for registration to the faculty or school where the master’s course is taught or the UPM’s General Admissions Office. Alternatively, students can apply on line:

All the documents must be official and be issued by the competent authorities.

Admission for non-Spanish degree holders

For admission with a foreign university degree, apart from the above documents, students will be asked to supply:

All the documents should meet the following requirements:

4. Enrol

After admission to the master’s degree programme, students must formally enrol within the specified enrolment period either online using the Virtual Technical University application or at the Registry of the UPM faculty or school responsible for running the master's or doctorate programme.

To enrol online, students shall require a UPM student email account, which they can apply for by logging in to the Virtual Technical University application and following the Contact--> Students link. To log in, students should use their ID card or passport number as entered on their registration form and enter their data of birth (dd/mm) as their password.

The enrolment fee to be paid depends on the number of credits for which the student enrols.

Students that enrol online shall have to submit the duly legalized documents at the Facultad de Informática's Registry for collation no later than one month after enrolment. If they fail to submit these documents, enolment shall, for all due effects and purposes, be cancelled.

1 Licenciado and Ingeniero are two-cycle, five-year degree courses.
2 Ingeniero Técnico and Diplomado are one-cycle, three-year degree courses.