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Postgraduate Informatics Engineering Programme Policy

This page sets out the policy regarding a number of formalities and procedures for completing postgraduate studies.

Credit Transfers

As for any other course of studies, students must address applications for credit transfers for earlier courses that they have taken to the Registry. If awarded, students must enrol for the subject (at 25% of the cost of the ordinary enrolment price) and will be graded with the same marks as for the equivalent subject.

Credits transfer will be automatic if there is a credit transfer plan with the curriculum of the other degree course. In other words, if you apply for credit transfer for a subject that you have taken earlier and it is listed in the credit transfer plan, your application will definitely be granted.

Credit transfers shall comply with the following criteria:


The practicum associated with postgraduate studies (Master in Information Technologies) involves an industrial placement and a project assignment worth a set number of credits (30 ECTS).

Students opting for the practicum shall have to contact the Facultad de Informática's Career Guidance Centre (COLFI).

Master Thesis

Students will develop their master thesis under the supervision of a supervisor over either the first or second semester. For this purpose, students must be enrolled for the respective subject.

Students shall not be allowed to defend their thesis until they have earned the other compulsory master credits. This defence can take place in either of the two annual sessions, corresponding to the examination dates of the semester for which they have enrolled. For the defence, students must submit the following documentation at least SEVEN working DAYS before the examination date:

Admission to the doctorate

All graduates of the Postgraduate Informatics Engineering Programme  master's degree courses are eligible for doctoral studies under the respective doctorate admission conditions.