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Erasmus: useful information for Facultad de Informática students

Detailed information on UPM programme

Students selected for this ERASMUS session

Only ERASMUS 2013-14 admitted students presentation

2013-14 mobility programme presentation


Exchange Types


10II Informatics Engineering Degree Programme (Bologna-compliant)

10MI Mathematics and Informatics Engineering Degree Programme

1096 Informatics engineering Degree Programme (to be pahsed out)

2011/12 Call Requirements 




1096 Informatics Engineering Degree Programme



Bologna-Compliant Informatics Engineering Degree Programme

To apply to participate in exchange programmes

To be admitted:

As means of promoting international mobility, the results of the February 2010 examination session will, data permitting, be taken into account.

In the event of a tie between two or more candidates, students will be rated by average grade, number of examinations sat and years of study.


Other Information of Interest

2011/12 mobility, on-line self-study foreign language courses

July 2011 intensive foreign language courses

2011/12 Call for Applications for EILC (ERASMUS INTENSIVE LANGUAGE COURSES)

For more information visit the UPM foreign languages section

Accommodation for ERASMUS students in Europe:

The University of Maastricht has set up a project designed for students to help student to find accommodation through this web site.