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Cocurricular activities week

The Cocurricular Activities Week is part of the official calendar of the degree programmes taught at the Facultad de Informática. These activities are designed to offer students training in co-curricular competences and topics related to the business world. A week has been set aside every semester for this purpose. Regular degree programme subjects are not taught during this week, giving students the chance to register for the complementary activities that are on offer.

Although they are complementary, the scheduled activities, which take the form of co-curricular competences, are part of the students' degree course, meaning that students should register for one or more of the activities offered during the week. This way, they will increase their possibilities of attaining the necessary co-curricular competences.

Registration for Activities

Each activity --lecture, seminar or workshop-- preferentially targets a particular group of students: first- or second-semester bachelor's degree students, third- to fifth-semester bachelor's degree students, 1996 degree programme students, professional or research master students and/or English-taught master students. The places for some activities are limited. Any student can apply for any activity, but the students targeted by the activity will be given preference if the number of registered students is greater than the number of places on offer. The remaining places will be filled with students from other groups in order of registration. The application process is described below.

Students shall have to register to be able to participate in an activity. The registration procedure is as follows:

Only registered students shall be able to attend activities that are fully booked. Students shall have to be registered to earn credits or pass co-curricular competences.

Co-Curricular Competences (Bachelor's and Master's Degrees)

Each activity states the co-curricular competences that it develops. All students must pass all the co-curricular competences of their degree programme to qualify for their degree.

Credit recognition (1996 degree programme)

For the purposes of free-choice credit recognition, the Co-Curricular Activities Week activities are part of the Facultad de Informática's Conference Cycle. As such, credits will be recognized as follows: one free-choice credit for every five activities attended.

Activities lasting more than two hours will be composed of the following number of activities:

Students attending three activities can apply for the recognition of 0.5 credits.

March 2011 activities programme

14 March

15 March

16 March

17 March

18 March

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