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Improvements implemented as a result of IQAS deployment

The Facultad de Informática aims to continuously improve the effectiveness of its educational, research and management system. To do this, it continuously modifies its quality policy by adapting existing and setting up and developing new IQAS processes. These modifications may be motivated by changes caused by process enactment, changes of regulations, a change of circumstances at the UPM or external organizations, or as a result of implementing prospective Facultad de Informática process maps.

The resulting changes are:

- Modified processes:

Maintenance process. Unscheduled actions (PR/CL/2/001)
Maintenance process. Scheduled actions (PR/CL/2/002)
Incidents, complaints and suggestions process (PR/SO/5/001)
Quality system information systems process (PR/SO/7/001)
Internal Quality Assurance System process (PR/S0/6/002)
Satisfaction study and survey process (PR/SO/5/002)
Academic and administrative staff training process (PR/SO/1/002)
Academic and administrative staff recruitment and selection process (PR/SO/5/001)

- New processes:

Services charters process (PR/SO/3/004)
Student surveys of teaching quality process (PR/SO/5/003)
Student workload measurement process (PR/SO/5/004)
Mobility for academic and non-academic staff training process (PR/CL/2.3/003)
Documentation system appraisal and upgrading process (PR/SO/6/001)
Registration process (PR/SO/3/001)
Photocopying process (PR/SO/3/007/2)

Services Charters

Services charters have been implemented at the Facultad de Informática as a result of IQAS deployment. They are documents used to publicly inform users of the purposes, reponsibilities, procedures, terms and location of an administrative unit, its commitments to quality service provision for its users and how compliance with these commitments is measured in order to improve the quality of the provided service.