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Procedure and closing date for application for the final examination only assessment system

Pursuant to the stipulations of the Policy regulating assessment systems in educational processes linked to the bachelor's and master's degrees with programmes conforming to Royal Decree 1393/2007, in force as of 1 September 2010, students have the option, in the ordinary examination period, of a continuous assessment system or final examination only assessment system. In the case of the Facultad de Informática, this applies to the bachelor's degrees in informatics engineering and mathematics and informatics, and the master's degree in informatics engineering only.

Students are OBLIGED to serve written notice, addressed to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, which they shall submit by the closing date through the Registry, that they intend to opt for the final examination only assessment system in any subject for which they have enrolled NO LATER THAN 15 CALENDAR DAYS as of the commencement of subject lectures.

This notice shall state at least (an application form is available from the Registry):


I, _____________________ with ID card no. __________ and enrolment no. __________


For assessment by means of a final examination only for the following subjects this semester:

-  Subject _________________ degree _______________ year ________

-  …………..



This application shall be valid for the purpose of the ongoing semester only. A new application shall have to be submitted for coming semesters.

The above notwithstanding, a student that has opted (by omission) for the continuous assessment system shall be entitled to apply to the subject board for admission to the assessment examinations and activities that are part of the final examination only assessment system in the event of act of God or force majeure warranting a change in the assessment process. Having analysed the circumstances stated in the application, the subject board shall respond to the student as early as possible ahead of the final examination.

The subject learning guides describe the contents of this assessment system in each case and the specific rules that are applicable.

The assessment activities and examinations associated with the final examination only assessment system shall be held on the date and at the time allocated for the subject in the ordinary January and June examination periods (last week of each period, see specific dates in the Semester Teaching Schedule). Additionally, students may, exceptionally, be required to attend assessment activities distributed throughout the year that are related to the assessment of learning outcomes that are hard to grade in a final examination (practical assignments, laboratory exercises, etc.).

NOTE: Neither the subject coordinators, nor the Directors of the Department responsible for teaching the subject, nor the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs are necessarily responsible for sorting out any clashes between the continuous assessment examinations of subjects that are more than one semester apart. There are guaranteed to be no such clashes between subjects belonging to the same semester or year. In any other case, it is the student that is responsible for assuring, upon enrolment, that their timetables for the continuous assessment system scheduled for both subjects are compatible, as most assessment activities and tests are held during lecture hours or in the assessment activities slot, whose timing is known to students when they enrol.

The way to solve any clashes between assessment activities in subjects with clashing timetables belonging to different semesters and/or years is to select the final examination only assessment option for one of the subjects concerned in anticipation of any such problems.