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Program Educational Objectives

Our Program Educational Objectives are the long-term goals that we set for our students. This is how we envision them as Computer Engineering professionals in about five years after their graduation:

Problem solvers - Our graduates will have the ability to solve a wide variety of computer engineering problems across a range of application areas by taking advantage of a broad and deep understanding of the principles, methodologies, technologies and tools associated with the discipline.

Innovators - Our graduates will continue to learn about new technologies, tools and methodologies that emerge in the field, they will have the capability to critically analyze their advantages and disadvantages, and they will provide support to their employers through their capability to respond to the challenges of technological advances.

Effective team members - Our graduates will be able to work effectively in a team, demonstrating their capability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and to convey, both in writing and verbally, knowledge, procedures, results and ideas related to computer science and engineering.

Leaders - Our graduates will be capable of taking leadership initiatives in different aspects of their professional practice, such as in the conception and development of projects, in the adoption of innovations, in the leadership of team work, and in the continuous improvement of their abilities and knowledge.