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Policy on the Loan and Temporary Use of Non-Bibliographical Resources

Art. 1. Definition

These rules regulate the loan and temporary use of non-bibliographical library resources as teaching/learning aids. The term non-bibliographical resources covers laptops, audiovisual and any other similar loanable equipment added to the above utilities in the future.

Art. 2. Users

All members of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid higher education community are entitled to use this service.

Art. 3. General characteristics and conditions

The non-bibliographical resources shall be used exclusively for academic purposes: study, research or teaching activities and tasks.

3.1. Loan

3.2. Reservations

Users are entitled to reserve these resources in advance and choose their preferred time period. Users shall not be allowed to make more than one reservation per day. If users fail to collect the material on time, the library shall cancel the reservation 15 minutes after the start of the loan period.

3.3. Returns

3.4. Length of loan

Art. 4. Conditions of use

Report any fault or malfunction of the non-bibliographical material immediately to the Library Loan Service staff.

4.1. In the case of laptops

4.2. In the case of study rooms

Study rooms can be used for a maximim period of three hours, renewable unless they have already been reserved.

4.3. In the case of lockers

Library lockers shall be used exclusively for safekeeping bibliographical or non-bibliographical materials on loan from the library.

The maximum period shall be:

Art. 5. User responsibilities and penalties

The use of this service is personal and non-transferable and the loan applicant is responsible for looking after and using the equipment properly.
The material shall have to be returned in the same conditions as it was loaned.
Improper use of this service shall carry the penalty specified under item 5 of the UPM's Library Loan Regulations.