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Credit transfers for subjects taken at other institutions

Students from the UPM's Escuela Universitaria de Ingenieros Técnicos (E.U.I.T.) de Informática are eligible for admission to the 2nd cycle of the degree of Ingeniero1 in Informatics Engineering, and a number of the credits they have earned will be transferred automatically.

Students from the UPM's E.U.I.T de Informática

Shall have to take 156 credits as itemized below, depending on the degree course that they have taken.

Students from other universities' E.U.I.T. de Informática

Shall have to take a total of 195 credits distributed as follows.

Credits to be taken
Core and compulsory
127.5 credits
Optional 42 credits
Free choice 19.5 credits
Final-year project 6 credits
Compulsory subjects from which they are exempted
Databases 7.5 credits


Students shall be able to take optional credits throughout the three 2nd-cycle years and choose from the 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-year optional subjects indistinctly (only valid for students directly admitted to the 2nd cycle).

Free choice credits can be taken in any year.

Students can select free choice subjects from either the subjects offered as such by the Facultad de Informática or from the optional subjects (save exceptions), specifying  in this case on the enrolment form that they intend to take them as free choice credits.

Students shall not be able to take any subject they have taken as an optional subject as a free choice subject and vice versa.

1 Licenciado and Ingeniero are two-cycle, five-year degree courses.
2 Ingeniero Técnico and Diplomado are one-cycle, three-year degree courses.