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Mailing Lists

The Computer Centre at the Facultad de Informática provides a mailing list service.

The mailing list service operates on both central servers. The aim is to minimize the effect of mailing list explosion.

There are three types of mailing lists: institutional, subject-related and students mailing lists. The students list could really be considered as a subgroup of the institutional list.

  1. The institutional lists are further divided by user categories. They are useful for serving notices and distributing information to members of different groups (tenured and untenured administrative and service staff, teaching staff -organized by contract type-, governing bodies, committees, etc.). As regards subscription to and participation in institutional mailing lists, the lists policy  is defined by and mostly confined to the Facultad de Informática's management.

  2. Any member of the Facultad de Informática's staff can apply for membership of and administer subject-related lists. These lists can be either public or restricted in terms of subscription and open or closed as regards message sending.

  3. To help faculty members to distribute teaching information to students, student mailing lists are automatically generated by different criteria (curriculum, year, class group, course unit, etc.). There is a fixed naming system for the lists:
    • alum-pPPPP: students of curriculum PPPP
    • alum-pPPPP-cC: year C students of curriculum PPPP
    • alum-pPPPP-cC-gG: group G, year C students of curriculum PPPP
    • alum-pPPPP-aAAAAAAAAA: students of curriculum PPPP, course unit AAAAAAAAA
    • alum-pPPPP-aAAAAAAAAA-gG:  group G students of curriculum PPPP, course unit AAAAAAAAA.

The lists are hosted by the general mail server and the address is @listas.fi.upm.es (although the institutional lists have an @fi.upm.es alias).

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