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Clearance board for last subject exemption and continuation 

UPM Admission and Enrolment Regulations, Annex VI

Last subject exemption

Students that have one outstanding core or compulsory subject to complete their degree and have sat the subject examination on two or more occasions (at least once in the last year) can apply to the Facultad de Informática's Registry for clearance for exemption from this subject no later than five working days as of the date on which their last February or September final examinations result is published.


Students that, having being enrolled at the Facultad de Informática for two years, have one outstanding compulsory subject to earn at least 60% of the compulsory first-year subject credits, are entitled to apply to the Registry for  clearance no later than five working days as of the date on which their last SEPTEMBER examinations result is published.

Students can only apply once for clearance for continuation.

The UPM's Enrolment Regulations, Annex VI,  stipulate the Clearance Board and Systems requirements that students should comply with to be eligible to apply for clearance for exemption from the last subject.

These requirements should in no case be construed as sufficient for earning clearance, and are merely the mandatory conditions for the Clearance Board to admit the application.

It is the Clearance Board that, after appraising the students'  subject grades,  the opinion of the subject professors (which is not necessarily binding) and the students' personal circumstances, decides whether or not to give clearance for exemption from the subject for which they have applied. The Clearance Board operates a set of internal criteria, including the following essential requirement, published to help students to decide whether or not to apply for clearance:

- Students shall not be given clearance for exemption from any subject unless they sat the subject examination in the last examination session for which they were eligible (usually the session immediately prior to the clearance application) and attained a minimum grade indicating that they had made an effort to pass the subject. This should be taken to mean that whether or not students sit the examination depends on the School's general teaching schedule and on the students' entitlement to sit the examination in that session and not on the students' circumstances.

Clearance Board