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Final-year project for exchange programmes


The receiving higher education institution shall have to forward the respective grades or transcript of records to the Facultad de Informática's International Office for it to recognize final-year projects (FYP) completed as part of exchange programmes. Another requirement is for students to have earned all the degree course credits.

Students shall not be allowed to enrol for their FYP until they have earned ALL the degree programme credits. Students shall enrol during the ordinary enrolment period (1 September to 31 August of the respective academic year).

Students shall enrol for their FYP at the International Office.  The International Office shall ensure that students meet all the requirements. To enrol, students shall fill in and submit the FYP Enrolment Application Form for Exchange Programmes.

The International Office shall give students a payment slip. Students shall have to pay in the fees no later than the stated deadline. Students shall submit a copy of the receipt no later than fifteen working days after the deadline.

Students shall submit to the International Office two copies of the bound project written in the language in which the student completed the project, including a four-page (maximum) summary in Spanish.

The volumes, one grey and the other sky blue, shall have to be hardbound following the Facultad de Informática content and formatting instructions.

The FYP shall not be graded until the student has submitted the enrolment payment slip and the bound copies.

Presentation guidelines

Content guidelines:

Format guidelines:

Cover guidelines